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Cybersecurity Degree

In the world of Cybersecurity today, there are tons of jobs that still need to be filled. 

Just consider some of these key statistics:

  • The entire global Cybersecurity Workforce needs to grow at least by 145% just to keep up with the minimal demand levels, and here in the United States, it needs to grow by at least 63%.
  • The current Cybersecurity Workforce shortage is currently at 500,000, and is only expected to proliferate into the future.
  • Only 805,000 Cybersecurity workers exist in the United States. The current demand for this on a global level is at least at 2.8 million workers that are needed.


There are have been, and continue to be, many efforts that are currently being made to help bridge this gap.  These have been launched by colleges, universities, trade schools, and even businesses from Corporate America.  For example, many secondary education schools are now offering both dedicated undergraduate as well as advanced degrees specializing in just Cybersecurity.  Even high schools are currently offering summer camps for young kids and teenagers in order to further spur their interest in pursuing a career in Cybersecurity.

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